Argentine Lost, Germany wins 2014 FIFA World Cup

One of Haiti's favorite football team, Argentine, lost the battle for the 2014 FIFA world cop 1-0 to Germany... The Germans won the world cup in extra-time... Haitians saw a very disappointed Lionel Messi...

Haiti - Argentine football fans (fanatik Agentine yo) come out on the eve of their first World Cup 2014 game

World Cup season in Haiti is a must see... Gonaives Haiti - Look at this photo of Haitian soccer fans of Team Argentina (fanatik Argentine yo) who came out in full color to display their love and support for Argentina on the eve of their first match this Sunday, 15 June 2014, at World Cup 2014 in Brazil...

World Cup 2014 - Haiti President Martelly distributes Brazil and Argentina t-shirts to Soccer fans

Right before the commencements of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, President Martelly decided to distribute some Brezil and Argentine t-shirts to a few Haitian soccer fans (Fanatik Foutbòl) of these teams... He was criticized for that by non-partisans...

World Cup 2014 - Haitian Football fans hoping for a Argentine vs. Brezil final

According to many soccer fans we speak to lately, it seems many of them -- fanatik malad football yo -- are waiting and hoping for a final Argentine vs. Brazil final for World Cup 2014... What do you say to that?

FIFA Has just released a series of Video Profiles about the World Cup 2014 teams.

I just realized that FIFA has released a bunch of profile videos about each team participating in the world cup... Brazil, Spain and everybody... Here are just a few of them from my favorite teams