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World Cup 2018 News : Uruguay beats Egypt 1-0

Uruguay beats Egypt 1-0 on day 2 of the FIFA world cup in Russia.

Russia beat Saudi Arabia 5-0 at opening 2018 World Cup match

Russia, the host nation of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, beats Saudi Arabia 5-0 while the crown prince of Saudi Arabia was watching...

Le calendrier complet de la Coupe du monde 2018

Coupe du Monde 2018 en RUSSIE Voici le calendrier complet des 64 matchs

List of 32 teams in the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Here is list of all 32 teams qualified for 2018 FIFA world cup and their captain and national team coach. We will be updating every team's squad as soon as they are announced.

Football - Brazil Joins Haiti and Zaire in the list of Teams to be loosing by FIVE in the first half of a FIFA World Cup Game

World Cup News - I hate to talk bad about Haiti but when we are talking about Football and Brazil I am sure you will forgive me... LOL... Brazil has just joined Haiti and Zaire in the list of national football teams to be loosing by FIVE in the first half of a FIFA World Cup Game in their recent lost to Germany at the 2014 FIFA world cup...

FLASH - Haiti - Joseph Obas, ancien Footballeur Haitien an, Li MOURI...

Nou fèk appran ke Joseph Obas, ancien Footbolè Haitien an, li mouri... Misye fè yon stroke ayè Samedi 22 Juin 2014 la pandan li tap gade match Artentine-Iran pou Coupe du Monde 2014 la...

VIDEO: Le Coupe Du Monde 2014 la te rive Haiti - Ambyans ki te genyen

Nou fek jwen yon video so YouTube ki montre tout bèl anbyans ki te genyen nan Gymnasium Vincent, Port-au-Prince Haiti, pandan 3 jou ke Coupe du Monde 2014 la te fè nan peyi a... Gade...

World Cup 2014 - Haiti President Martelly distributes Brazil and Argentina t-shirts to Soccer fans

Right before the commencements of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, President Martelly decided to distribute some Brezil and Argentine t-shirts to a few Haitian soccer fans (Fanatik Foutbòl) of these teams... He was criticized for that by non-partisans...

World Cup 2014 - Haitian Football fans hoping for a Argentine vs. Brezil final

According to many soccer fans we speak to lately, it seems many of them -- fanatik malad football yo -- are waiting and hoping for a final Argentine vs. Brazil final for World Cup 2014... What do you say to that?